With a standard approach, the cost of implementing an application is determined by many elements. The main of them are labor costs, management costs, developer margin and taxes. Labor costs are just a fraction of the total project cost.
Most (almost all) of small and middle programming projects can be implemented at much lower cost. That route gives the work done on the basis of contract work. With this form of cooperation Purchaser does not assume unnecessary costs, which makes the total cost of implementing the project several times lower than the cost in the standard approach of project realisation.
My offer is directed to small and medium-sized companies as well as for individuals who are looking for a solid partner for customized applications realizing their business goals. I specialize in telecommunications and financial sectors. This does not exclude, of course, any orders. The greater challenge, the greater satisfaction with the successful project implementation.
Despite the short length of the my personal activity few companies trusted me and I realized project for them. Their recomendations you can find in section Portfolio.
Principles of cooperation and implementation of projects are presented in the section How we work.
The total cost of implementation depends on many factors. Estimates presented by the software developing companies are often completely unreadable by the Employer. Valuation of the project, which I present, is very simple. It is the product of the number of hours required for the project and the hourly rate, which, depending on the complexity of the project ranges from 50 to 150 PLN (15 to 40 EUR) per hour.
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